Clearmind - Take 2

Take 2 redefines the difficulty of relationships, revealing the underlying attraction and why it can end up being stuck.

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The Awakening Logo

Clearmind's Introductory Workshop

The Awakening is a life altering invitation to a deeper, richer experience of self, through the transformative power of authentic, vulnerable connection.

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Vulnerable Leadership

The leaders who inspire us the most are the ones that have faced similar fears to our own and go on to accomplish great things.

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The Edge Logo

The Edge walks us to, and exposes, the false promise of addictions and things that we attach ourselves to, convinced that those things hold the key to happiness.

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Men and Miracles Logo

Men and Miracles is a powerful workshop designed to help men re-discover who they truly are.

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Women and Wonder Logo

Women and Wonder is a powerful workshop designed to help women experience the essence of who they really are.

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The Rude Awakening Logo

The Rude Awakening is an exciting, transformative two-week leadership experience with people from all around the world.

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The Odyssey Logo

The Odyssey (formerly known as The Summit) is our Premier workshop, which includes but moves beyond process work into making the most of what we encounter in every moment.

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Setting The Goal

Setting The Goal is a workshop that points you in the direction of living your best life with intention and purpose.