Start Date: Saturday, December 14, 2019 11:00 am
Categories: Speaker Events*
Location: Langley, BC

With Duane and Catherine O'Kane

This speaker event kicks off the beginning of our Holiday Party!! We welcome you, your family and friends to the annual "Holly Jolly Winter Folly" and silent auction. Come together and enjoy an afternoon of connection, fun and friends!

Happiness Can Be Found in the Last Place We Look

Most of us are in pursuit of something, something we don't have already, and that we believe would improve the quality of our lives. What this thing is varies from person to person, it can be anything from more money, a better body, a relationship (or a better one), to more self-awareness. We focus on what life will be like in the future, when we have this thing. At times we feel good about working our way towards it, and at times we feel bad looking at our lives through the void of what we believe isn't there.

However, the experience we crave cannot be had in the future. It is through a radical acceptance of every aspect of our current circumstances that we discover what we want was there all along. Join Catherine and Duane as they reveal how happiness can be found in the last place we look.

Followed by the Holly Jolly Winter Folly Celebration starting at 1pm!

The party kicks off with Duane and Catherine's "It's Your Wonderful Life" - streaming on the Clearmind International page on Facebook live at 11 am.

Our traditional holiday gathering - the Holly Jolly Winter Folly celebration and gathering will be extra special this year! As usual, there will be something for everyone - including Santa and some new exciting live performance additions.

1:30 - Visit from Santa
2:15 - Fallen Angels (Skit with Olivia Nelson and Wendy Noel)
2:30 - Comedy Treat with Matt Turner
3:00 - Music with Edith Wallace
4:00 Silent Auction Winners Announced

Come for the shopping, come for the food, come for the fun and community. Come to some or all of it. Just come - we want to see you there!